Illegal rave in Cornwall enters third day with hundreds still present

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An illegal rave on Cornish moorland has gone into its third day, with several hundred people still at the site, according to police.

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Thousands of partygoers arrived at the site on Friday before the jubilee weekend. Residents complained about loud noise and music playing throughout the night near Davidstow Moor, near Camelford.

Some people were being turned away, according to Devon and Cornwall police on Sunday, and the force threatened action against the organisers. Officers said the event was covering a large area and they believed several hundred people were still in attendance.

Photographs showed revellers taking shelter in cars as rainfall turned the ground into mud. Hundreds of vehicles had been seen lining the roads on all sides of the site, and some attendees are believed to have come from as far away as Scotland and Oxford.

“A number of people have left this morning and others attempting to enter have been turned away,” the force said. “In the interest of public safety, we are asking anyone thinking about attending the event not to do so.

“[We] would like to reassure the local communities and wider public that we are taking this matter seriously and where appropriate, we will seek to take action against those attending and running the event.”

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Colin Caudery, who lives nearby, said he had not managed to get any sleep because of the “absolutely awful” noise.

He told the BBC on Sunday: “We called the police about 8.30pm last night and from about 10pm onwards we were kicking people out of the garden and off the land. Drunkards from Scotland, Liverpool, Brighton, London, everywhere – it’s just been total chaos.”

Kate O’Kearney, who lives in the nearby town of Delabole, told Cornwall Live: “I’m a light sleeper, so I’ve heard it all night. It’s actually louder now than it was at midnight. I’m no killjoy and love to see people enjoying themselves. My only concern is there are hundreds of sheep and horses up there. They must be very traumatised.”

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