WATCH: Liverpool fans travel to France by dinghy after flights cancelled

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13 Liverpool fans arrived safely in Paris after crossing the English Channel by dinghy. 

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After some of the group had their flight cancelled, the supporters gathered in Jersey where mega-fan Paddy O’Toole is based. 

“We felt sorry for the young lads so we had to do something,” he told The Liverpool Echo

The group decided to commission a Redbay Stormforce 950 – a motor-powered dinghy – to speed across the waves. 

In a video of the crossing, one passenger can be heard shouting: “We must be off our f*******g heads”. 

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“We saw a few dolphins on the way and got the train to Rennes and then to Paris. A few more of are mates from Liverpool who live in Jersey heard we were going and joined on. We haven’t got a ticket between us,” said Paddy. 

Another member of the group later a picture on Facebook showing him and man called ‘Pegs’ enjoying pints in a Paris pub. 

Some 60,000 Liverpool fans are expected in Paris for the final against Real Madrid. 

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